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  • Neuroscience
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Greenup, KY
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Joshua Griffith

Hi, my name is Joshua Griffith, and I am from Greenup, KY. I am a senior Neuroscience major and a member of the Lewis Honors College. I am on a pre-medical track and plan to attend the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.


In addition to being an ambassador, I am the president of Phi Delta Epsilon International medical fraternity, a Lewis Honors College Peer Mentor, participant in the Markey Cancer Center “ACTION” program, a member of the University of Kentucky College of Medicine (UKCOM) Early Assurance Program, and a member of NeuroCats. I am involved in undergraduate research in Dr. Maj-Linda Selenica’s laboratory where I study the kinetics of TAR DNA-binding protein 43, which has been implicated in many neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Frontal Temporal Lobar Degeneration, and progressive muscular atrophy.


I have loved my time here at the University of Kentucky and would love to offer any help regarding the College of Arts and Sciences or the University as a whole! Please feel free to contact me!