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Summer Awards

  • Ethelee '61 and John '62 Baxter Scholars Gift Fund  Apply here!
  • The John W. Boone Fund for Summer Internships  Apply here!
  • The John Calhoun Wells Eastern Kentucky Scholars Fund  Apply here!

The College of Arts & Sciences is accepting applications for awards supporting unpaid internships, education abroad, special research projects, and/or service-based or community-based learning opportunities in summer 2023. 

The application to apply for an A&S Student Experience Scholarship is open! Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, ending April 1, 2023. Individual student awards of $500- $3,000 will be awarded to students who have offers of an unpaid summer internship of at least 6 weeks (see eligibility criteria below) or confirmed education abroad, special research projects, and/or service-based or community-based learning. 

Students applying for this support must secure an internship or education abroad experience for themselves; this award opportunity does not itself provide an internship or experience. See sidebar for recommendations on how to seek out internship opportunities, or contact the director of undergraduate studies in your department. 

  • The Ethelee '61 and John '62 Baxter Scholars Gift Fund supports travel expenses for students traveling internationally for education abroad; internships; conducting research; participating in a service or community-based learning initiative; and/or other international high impact learning opportunity.  
  • The John W. Boone Fund for Summer Internships was established to recognize the positive influence of high impact learning opportunities on students’ overall knowledge, critical thinking, and ethical and civic responsibility. This award aims to provide resources for students who want to build their professional resume, adapt new technology skills, and collaborate in a hands-on immersive learning experience, but may lack the resources to do so. 
  • The John Calhoun Wells Eastern Kentucky Scholars Fund’s purpose is to support students who have a drive to succeed and give back to their communities, regardless of GPA or academic accomplishment. (Priority given to KY counties noted in application) Mr. John Calhoun Wells, Jr. is from Floyd County in Eastern Kentucky. His motivation to excel brought him to the University of Kentucky where he graduated with a degree in English in 1966. He later earned a Master of Science and a PhD in planning and policy development from Rutgers University. He is making this gift to support and encourage students from Eastern Kentucky who have a strong desire for success and giving back. Students accepted to a high impact learning program including, but not limited to, internship(s), education abroad opportunities, engagement in special research projects, and/or participate in service-based or community-based learning experiences. It is preferred that student(s) participate in international and/or out-of-state experiences (i.e., outside of Kentucky) but it is not required. 


  1. Must be pursuing an undergraduate degree in the College of Arts & Sciences
  2. Applicant(s) must have completed sixty (60) credit hours by the end of the spring 2023 semester (only for Wells & Boone)
  3. Must provide evidence of an unpaid, non-credit-earning internship for a minimum of six (6) weeks during summer 2023 OR a confirmed education abroad, special research projects, and/or service-based or community-based learning
  4. Must be a continuing student in the fall 2023 semester
  5. Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA (only for Boone award)

Applications vary and may require details of your experience, a proposed budget and letter of recommendation.

At the end of the experience, student(s) will submit a report detailing their experience, how it affected them professionally and personally, and how they intend to apply what they learned after graduation.

The application for the A&S Student Experience Scholarships are open on Scholarship Universe until 4/1/23.