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Tasnuba Jerin

Tasnuba Jerin (Bangladesh)
PhD in Geography

Tasnuba finished her PhD in 2020 and is now a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with University College Dublin.

The world's diverse landforms always intrigued Tasnuba, who is originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is a physical geographer who studies the complex fluvial landscape dynamics in spatial scale related to riparian biodiversity. "Geography is the platform that will give me the opportunity to know the world's landscape complexity in association with mapping tools and techniques," Tasnuba said.

"Teaching my first course as an instructor is a time that I will always remember," she said. "I learned a lot from that experience about classroom management, teaching strategies, and much more." She hopes to work as a research scientist and have the opportunity to pursue continued research.

Tasnuba holds a bachelor's in Geography from Dhaka University. Before coming to UK, she reached out to other international students studying here and received positive feedback. She also connected with her advisor, Dr. Jonathan Phillips, whom she credits with being one of the reasons she chose UK. "I felt happy to be able to work with such a great mind in my field," Tasnuba said.