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Chenlu Ke

Chenlu Ke (China)
PhD in Statistics

Chenlu began work as an Assistant Professor of Statistics at Virginia Commonwealth University in Fall 2019. "I am really looking forward to working with my future students," she said. "I will work very closely with them in research areas and interact with them in class. I enjoy teaching and research - that's why I decided to go into academia."

She is currently preparing her dissertation on sufficient dimension reduction in big data for final submission. Originally from Xiamen, China, Chenlu has a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from East China Normal University. Fellow students had chosen to study in the United States, and her undergraduate advisor got his PhD in the U.S. as well. Influenced by these factors, Chenlu applied to programs in the U.S. and chose UK after being offered a full scholarship.

"Our department is very nice and supportive of students in all aspects," she said. Chenlu credited her teaching experience, research work, and conference presentations and networking with helping her successfully find her faculty position at VCU.