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A&S Advising Services

The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes the value of academic advising. Academic advising provides students with the opportunity to build a relationship with their advisor for the purpose of gaining assistance in planning their educational career, in learning the skills needed for academic success, and in learning how to access the variety of resources and services available to them on campus.

Advising Appointments:

In the College of Arts and Sciences all students are advised by professional academic advisors or faculty advisors. Advising is conducted by appointment and each appointment is allotted 30-minutes. Appointments with professional advisors can be scheduled in MyUK under the MyInfo link. Detailed instructions on how to make an appointment through myUK are here. If you need to cancel an appointment, you may do so in the myUK appointment scheduling system or notify your advisor in advance, by phone or email. Many questions can be answered via email.

Types of Advising in the College of Arts and Sciences

On-Call Advising:

We offer on-call advising for A&S students who have faculty advisors and for students who have a primary major in another college. On-call advising takes place Monday and Wednesday - Friday 9:00am-11:30am & 1:00pm-3:00pm; Tuesday 10:00am-11:30am & 1:00pm-3:00pm. To be connected with an on-call advisor please call 859-257-8354 or email

Do you have a professional advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences and need to schedule an appointment?

Students can make, view, and cancel appointments in myUK Graduation Planning System (GPS).

Scheduling an Advising Appointment in myUK GPS:

The appointment scheduling feature is located on your myUK GPS homepage.

  • Sign in to myUK.
  • Under the Student Services tab, select Degree Planning and Registration (myUKGPS).
  • Select Make Appointment under your advisor’s name.
  • Select available date and time.
  • Select your preferred modality.
  • Click the Confirm Reservation button to complete scheduling the appointment.

*Please note that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the only web browsers compatible with myUK. Using Safari, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge will lead to compatibility issues*



Do you have a faculty advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences and need to schedule an appointment?

If you have an assigned faculty advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences, please email your advisor directly to schedule an advising appointment.

Where can I find my advisor's contact information? 
Your academic advisor is listed in MyUK under your my info tab. You should be able to click on your advisor's name to send them an email. 

Are you still having trouble locating your advisor's contact information?
Try looking them up in the UK Directory.

How to Prepare For Your Advising Appointment

  • Run an MyGPS Audit on MyUK
  • Make a list of courses/requirements you are considering taking the following semester
  • Write down all of your questions
  • Be prepared to talk about your goals, academic progress, and any problems you might be experiencing in classes