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Carlos Verea Zacarias

My name is Carlos Verea Zacarias, and I am a senior majoring in Biology on a pre-medical track, hoping to get to medical school and become a surgeon. I am originally from Mexico; however, I am moved to Tennessee back in elementary and have lived there ever since. I am part of Phi Delta Epsilon, a professional pre-medical fraternity and currently hold position of House Head for the MCATS, within the fraternity. I have also been a proud peer instructor for UK 101 and a member of the Latino Student Union here on campus, which is not just for Latino students; we encourage all students to come join us to learn more about Latin American and Caribbean cultures. I am also a Certified Medical Assistant, with clinical experience and certified in multiple fields with the range of a CMA.


During my free time I really enjoy going swimming here on campus at the aquatic center or going to the gym. I also enjoy spending time with friends and going on family trips to Disney World. Most of my time is spent at school or at the MLK center in the Student Gatton Center where I have created a family here on campus.


As someone that comes from out of state and have experienced many different cultures, not just here at UK but back home too, I can say that UK has helped me find a home far away from home.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about student life at UK or any academic questions. I am also fluent in Spanish, English, and partially in Italian, and are more than happy to help you in either language.  I hope for the best to all that decide to the Big Blue Nation!