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Future Students

Explore all A&S majors and minors or visit the department website to learn more about your interest.

Welcome to the University of Kentucky and the College of Arts and Sciences. I am proud that you have taken the time to explore our college and I am confident you will find a course of study that matches your personal interests and goals. We have over 5,800 undergraduate students and 440 faculty members. We currently offer 26 majors and 34 minors and the list grows every year. Our faculty facilitate learning in the humanities, social sciences, and natural and mathematical sciences through a range of research activities.

While our impressive numbers provide the resources to make the University of Kentucky a world-class research institution, our faculty and staff ensure you will receive the personal attention you need to grow as a student and citizen of the world. We never forget our mission is to educate our students and you will find everyone from your professors, to your advisors, to the administrative staff willing to do whatever it takes to help you meet your education goals.

The College of Arts & Sciences will provide you with with the advanced literacy and mathematical and scientific skills to best prepare you for today’s dynamic job market. Gaining skills for the work force is important but the College of Arts & Sciences is so much more. We are engaged in several innovative programs with the goal of enriching students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community. Ultimately, the college’s mission is to challenge you to think for yourself, and to think critically.

Everyone has their own education goals; the College of Arts & Sciences will help you achieve yours. As you navigate through this site, I encourage you to explore your options and find your true passion. I am excited to welcome you to campus to start your journey and look forward to calling you proud alumni of the University of Kentucky College of Arts & Sciences.

Jesse Hedge
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Affairs