Advising FAQs

Below you will find answers to common questions about A&S advising, processes, and graduation.
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General Information

Registration Questions

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Graduation Questions

General Information

Q. Who is my academic advisor? (top)

A. Your academic advisor is assigned to you based on your major and classification. You can find your advisor on your MyUK account under the “Plan and Register for Courses” tab. It is on the upper right hand side of the screen. If you do not have an assigned advisor, please contact us at so we can assign you an advisor.

Q. How do I make an appointment to see my advisor? (top)

A. First, check to see who your advisor is on your MyUK account.

  • If you have a faculty advisor, you will need to email your advisor to request an appointment.
  • If you have a professional advisor, you will make an appointment through your MyUK account by following these steps:
    1. Click on MyInfo at the top
    2. Click on MyAppointments on the left-hand side
    3. Click on the College of Arts and Sciences
    4. Select a date and time that will work with your schedule

Q. How do I know when my registration window is? (top)

A. You registration window is listed on your MyUK account. You can find this information under the “Plan and Register for Courses” tab. It will be at the top of the screen. If your window is open, it will be in a blue box; if it is closed, it will be in a red box. You can also find this information on the Registrar’s website.

Q. How do I know if I have holds on my account? If I have them, how do I have them lifted? (top)

A. You can view your active holds on the MyInfo page on your MyUK account. During the registration period, an advising hold will be placed on your account. This means that you will need to meet with your advisor to discuss your course options for the upcoming semester, once you do so, your advisor will lift this hold.

Other offices around campus (parking, student health, library, tuition, etc.) may place holds on your account throughout the school year, which can prevent you from registering for courses. For this reason, it is important to keep all accounts up to date. You will need to contact the corresponding office to resolve any holds affecting your account. Your advisor can only lift advising holds from student accounts. If you have a financial hold on my account for tuition, parking ticket, health bill, etc. that is preventing you from registering for classes, please contact the Financial Omsbud, Holly Sandlin. She can be reached at or 859-257-3406, ext. 262.

Q. I’m not familiar with myUK GPS.  What should I do? (top)

A.  myUK Graduation Planning System (GPS) is an interactive, integrated system in which students can plan and register for courses and track progress toward the completion of degree requirements. Click here for more information about myUK GPS.

Q. What if I change my mind about what to take after consulting my advisor? (top)

A. If you choose to sign up for a course or area that was not listed on your advising sheet, YOU are responsible for understanding how that course will fit in your current degree plan.  Please use myUK GPS to assist you in making your enrollment decisions.  You are always welcome to email your advisor and double check your choice.

Q. Where can I find various due dates, such as the deadline to apply for graduation or the last day to withdraw from a class? (top)

A. Please consult the Academic Calendar for important dates and deadlines.  Please mark your personal calendar so these deadlines are not missed!

Q.  How do I configure my email to come from my UK email address? (top)

A. You can find instructions here for: GmailYahoo, or Hotmail

Registration Questions

Q. How many credits do I need to be enrolled in to have full-time status? (top)

A. Undergraduate students enrolled in 12 credit hours during the fall and spring semesters are considered full-time students. Enrollment in less than 12 credit hours is considered part-time.

Q. What is the maximum number of credit hours I am allowed to enroll in?  How can I get permission to enroll in more than the maximum allowed? (top)

A. The maximum credit hours undergraduate students in good standing can enroll in during the Fall and Spring Semesters is 19. The maximum credit hours undergraduate students in good standing can enroll in for Summer Session 1 is 4 credit hours and for Summer Session II is 9 credit hours. Undergraduate students on probation are limited to 15 credit hours for the fall and spring semesters, 3 credit hours for Summer 1, and 7 credit hours for Summer 2.

To request special permission to take more than the maximum credit hours allowed, please print and complete the Request for Credit Overload Form and return the form to 202 POT. Requests are approved or denied on an individual basis by the college. You will be notified via email if your request has been accepted or denied usually within 48 hours.

Q. A class I need is full; what are my options? (top)

A. Check the course catalog for any additional sections that might have a seat available. If there are none, enroll in a section with a seat on the waitlist. Another option is to contact the instructor if your desired section, and ask if they would grant you an override for their course (see below for further instructions if you obtain an override).

Q. How does the Course Waitlist Function work? (top)

A. If a course is full, some courses have an option to get on a waitlist.  Use myUK Registration to sign up for a waitlist for a closed class.  The course will appear in the Registration System as WAITLISTED with your waitlist number. When a student drops a course, the person in the first position of the waiting list is automatically enrolled and the other students move up one spot.   Once you are enrolled in a waitlisted course, the course status on your schedule will change from WAITLISTED to ENROLLED.  If you Waitlist a course, be sure to check your schedule on myUK periodically to determine if your status for the course has changed.  You are responsible for monitoring your status in this course.  You may remove yourself from the Waitlist at any time during registration or drop/add by using the Drop function.

To be eligible for a waitlist course you must meet all course prerequisites and pass all restrictions. You cannot waitlist a course that has a time conflict with an enrolled course, and you cannot waitlist a course for a different section of a course you are already enrolled. You may only waitlist one section per course.

Adding yourself to a waitlist does NOT guarantee the hours to your schedule.  You should consider registering for an alternate course in case the waitlist course remains unavailable.  You can always drop the alternate course upon being added to the waitlisted course.  Please note that enrolled hours plus waitlisted hours may not exceed your credit load limit, and that waitlisted hours do not count toward full-time status.  You will remain on the waitlist until you are successfully enrolled in the course, or until the last day to add a class when all waitlists are automatically purged.

Q.  What if I need an override to get into a class? (top)

A. Overrides into FULL or RESTRICTED courses must be given by the instructor or from which the course is offered.  Make sure you meet the pre-requisites for the course before asking for an override.  All overrides are issued electronically. Please remember that if an override is granted, it does not mean that you are automatically enrolled in the class – you still need to add the course to your schedule through myUK or by going to 202 POT if it is past the last day to add a course. If you are trying to add a course after the deadline or are unable to add the course yourself through myUK, you must provide written permission from the instructor or Department Manager when you fill out paperwork in POT 202.

Q. I have a time conflict between two classes I want to take.  What do I do to get into both of them? (top)

A. You must have written permission (UK email or letterhead) from both instructors of the two overlapping courses stating the conflict is ok. Bring the documents to 202 Patterson Office Tower for enrollment. You cannot register for two overlapping courses using myUK.

Q. I want to take a graduate-level course (600-level or higher) this semester.  What do I have to do to get registered for this? (top)

A. If you are an A&S student, please complete the “Undergraduate Enrollment in a Graduate-Level Course” form.  The form can be picked up in the Graduate School at 106 Gillis Building or here. You must complete a section, the instructor must sign it, and then you can bring it to POT 202 for a Dean’s representative’s signature. If approved, the form will be sent back to the Graduate School where they will enroll you in the class.

College Policies

Q. How do I change my major?  (Please read each answer thoroughly to choose the option that best applies to you) (top)

A1. If you are changing majors within the College of Arts & Sciences, please go to Patterson Office Tower 202 and use the ‘Change Your Major’ Kiosk.

A2. If you are changing majors from A&S to a different college, please go to Patterson Office Tower and complete a Transfer Form from the ‘Change Your Major’ Kiosk. You will take your green Transfer form to your new college. Please note that if you are requesting a major in a Selective Admissions College (Business, Communications, Design, Engineering, or Nursing), you must first apply for acceptance into their college and bring us your acceptance letter when requesting your Transfer Form.

A3. If you are changing majors from another college into A&S, request a Transfer Form from your previous college and bring it to Patterson Office Tower 202 along with your Student ID.

Q. How do I declare a double major, minor, or dual degree in A&S? (Please read each answer thoroughly to choose the option that best applies to you) (top)

A. If your primary major is in Arts & Sciences, you can declare your double major or minor, (even if any of these are in different colleges) in Patterson Office Tower 202 by using the ‘Change Your Major’ Kiosk.

If you are an A&S student who wants to declare a dual degree, please come to Patterson Office Tower 202 and fill out paperwork.

If you are not an A&S student but you want to add an A&S second major, minor, or dual degree, you must do this through your primary college.

Q. What is the differene between double major and dual degrees? (top

A1. A student may obtain a double major by meeting all requirements in two departments. Major work in one department can, if there is a generic relationship, serve as the outside field in the second major, and vice versa. If an A&S student has not already declared a second major, they can do by using the "Request a Major Change" feature in myUKGPS. He or she is expected to complete both sets of major requirements. If one of the majors is in another college, the student is still eligible to complete an A&S major. The student who completes requirements for a double major will receive only one degree, but his or her transcript will reflect the two majors.

A2. A student may obtain a second bachelor's degree by completing all university requirements for one degree; by completing all the major requirements of both degrees; and by completing all college requirements of both degrees. Courses taken towards fulfilling one degree may also count towards fulfilling parallel requirements in the other, but the total credits in the two degree programs must be at least 144 hours. Major work in one department can, if there is a generic relationship, serve as the outside field in the second major and vice versa. If the degrees are in two different colleges at UK, the student must indicate his/her double degree with each college. If both degrees are in Arts and Sciences, he or she must complete two sets of two Major Requirements. The student may elect to receive the degrees simultaneously, if college and departmental requirements can be met simultaneously. For information regarding double degrees (not the same as double majors) consult the Academic Requirements section of the University of Kentucky bulletin.

Q. What kinds of petitions are there?  Where do I file one? (Please read each answer thoroughly to choose the option that best applies to you) (top)

A1. As an A&S student you can petition many things such as an A&S college requirement, residency requirement, etc. To file a petition, please discuss this with your academic advisor first and fill out the petition form. You may also pick up a printed petition form to hand write out your request in POT 202. Decisions on A&S petitions take approximately 2-4 days. The college will notify you of the decision. 

A2. To file a UK Core, USP petition, or Graduate Writing Requirement exception request, please visit after discussing this with your academic advisor.

A3. To file a petition regarding a major requirement, you will need to contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies in your major department.

Q. What is the Foreign Language Requirement for Arts & Sciences students? (top)

A. All A&S students must complete the A&S Foreign Language Requirement.  Students can do this in one of two ways.

  1. Two years from high school PLUS:
    1.  Completing the 4th college level of the SAME language from high school. (Language Placement Exam)
    2.  Completing the 3rd college level of a DIFFERENT language.
  2. No high school language taken PLUS:
    1. Completing the 4th college level of one language. 
    2. (OR) Completing the 2nd college level of one language AND the 3rd college level of a second language.

Q: I’m really concerned about my classes, and I need some information about withdrawing. Can you help me? (top)

A. Come and visit with a professional advisor. Below includes important information regarding withdrawing from a course:

  1. You will receive a “W” on your transcript as your official grade. It will not be calculated into your GPA, and it cannot be removed from your transcript.
  2. There is a date set by the University that establishes how late into the semester you may withdraw from classes through your myUK. You can find that date in the academic calendar
  3. If you miss this deadline, you may complete the post midterm withdraw form. You will only qualify for this type of withdraw if the reason you are doing poorly in your courses are non-academic (ie, you or someone close to you got very sick).
  4. You will NOT be able to drop down to 0 hours through the system. You MUST visit the registrar’s office to drop the final hours. REMEMBER: A “W” is a better grade than an “E” or “F.”  To find the registrar’s contact info, click HERE.

Sometimes students wish to file for Retroactive Withdrawal for a semester that has ended. Typically students may withdraw from a given semester only if the withdrawal is from all classes. Requests for retroactive withdrawals are to be made of the Dean of the College in which the student was enrolled at the time the classes were taken. The complete request must be made before the student has graduated and no later than two calendar years from the last day of class for the semester for which the withdrawal is requested. If it has been more than 2 years since the semester you wish to withdrawal from, you will need to apply for a waiver of the 2 year rule.

The Retroactive Withdrawal forms, can be found here. These forms should only be filled out if a student has nonacademic reasons for withdraw that pertain to a given semester. These could include, but are not limited to: illness or injury of the student, serious personal or family problems, serious financial difficulties, or permanent disability verified by the Disability Resource Center and diagnosed after the semester for which the withdrawal is requested. 

Q. I am on academic probation.  Who should I see? (top)

A. Please contact your assigned advisor and take a look at our probation page.

University Policies

Q. What is a Repeat Option?  If I took a class over again, must I fill out a form for the Repeat Option to take effect?  If so, where do I go to fill out the form, and when do I need to do this?  How long will it take to show on my record? (top)

A. Students have the option to repeat up to three different courses during their undergraduate career at UK. Students may only repeat each of the three courses once. The second attempt’s grade, credit hours, and quality points will be used in computing the student’s academic standing and credit for graduation.

If you wish to use one of your Repeat Options, you must submit the form electronically on the A&S Advising Forms page here. You must complete the form while you are enrolled in courses, and it cannot be completed after graduation. It is recommended that you fill out the form right after you complete the second attempt, or within the last two weeks of the semester you are completing the second attempt.

The form will be processed in about 1-2 weeks and an “R” will appear on your transcript next to the course you repeated.

Q.  How do I file academic bankruptcy? (top)

A. Please call the A&S Advising and Student Services Office at (859) 257-8712 to make an appointment. You must have been out of the university for at least two years and returned, completing 12 letter-graded credits with a 2.0 GPA or better. All grades must be posted before you make a bankruptcy appointment.

Q. What is essential for me to know as a new Transfer Student? (top)

A. Here's what you need to know as a new Transfer Student:

  1. If you have earned less than 60 credit hours, you will be assigned a professional advisor. If you have earned more than 60 credit hours, you will be assigned a faculty advisor.
  2. Please be sure a final transcript from every institution you have attended (including high school) have been sent to UK.
  3. If you have questions about how your credits were transferred in, please contact the Transfer Equivalency Office in Room 010 Funkhouser for assistance.
  4. If you have questions about how your credits are applied, please visit with a professional advisor. These types of questions tend to become complicated, and require professional attention.

Q. Can I take a class pass/fail? (top)

A. Students in good academic standing may take up to four classes at the University pass/fail as long as they are not fulfilling USP, UK Core, College, Major, Minor, or Certificate requirements.  Courses taken pass/fail are not calculated into your GPA.

Resources Around Campus

Q. I want to study abroad – how can I find out more information, including options regarding finances? (top)

A. Attend a First Step Session at Education Abroad.  They can help you understand what types of programs may benefit you, and they can help you determine how to finance your Education Abroad Experience.

You can also consider the National Student Exchange program where you can pay your UK tuition and study at another institution.

Q. How do I find out more information about internships? (top)

A. The Career Center has important information about internship requirements. Also, please check with your major department about internship opportunities.    

Q. I don’t know what I want to do with my major after college. (top)

A. The Counseling Center and the Career Center both have Career Decision Making workshops to help you think about possible career choices.

Q. I don’t think I was treated fairly in a course – what can I do? (top)

A. Please try to resolve the issue with the instructor.  If this is not a viable option, please speak to the Chair of the department and/or the Academic Ombud.

Graduation Questions

Q. I have applied to graduate, but I changed my degree program from a B.A. to a B.S. (or vice versa).  Do I need to do anything? (top)

A. YES!  You must re-apply for graduation with the paper degree application form. You will also need to put ‘BA to BS’ or ‘BS to BA’ at the top of the form.  Also, you need to turn in a change of major/degree form to the main advising office.

Q. I have applied to graduate, but I changed my major (but NOT my B.A. or B.S. degree.)  Do I need to do anything? (top)

A. YES! You must fill out a change of major form and turn it into the main advising office. You must also turn in a new Application for Degree.

Q. What if I want to remove my application for graduation? (top)

A. Please email the Degree Certification Officer to be removed from the applicant list.  The Degree Certification Officer's contact information is .

Q. What if I want to move my application for graduation to another term? (top)

A. Please fill out a new paper degree application form and put "May to August" or "August to December" etc., at the top of the form and turn it into the main advising office.

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