Degree Requirements

To earn a degree from the College of Arts & Sciences there are four sets of requirements you must fulfill. They are:

UK Core

  • Requirements each undergraduate student at UK must complete to earn any degree. A description of each component of UK Core and courses are found in the UK Bulletin online.  The Old USP (University Studies Program) requirements can be found here.

University Graduation Requirements

  • UK has four graduation requirements that must be satisfied to earn your degree. These are the basic skills mathematics requirement, second tier writing requirement, residence requirement, and the graduation application requirement. A description of each component of Graduation Requirements is found in the UK Bulletin online.

College of Arts & Sciences requirements (A&S)

  • Each college within the university has its own set of requirements. A&S course requirements include foreign language, natural science, social science, humanities, lab/field work, and electives. There are also 'hour' requirements - total earned hours, elective hours, A&S hours, and either upper division or science/math hours.

Major Requirements

  • Each major in Arts & Sciences has its own requirements which must include at least 42 hours of 200+ level work, with at least 24 of these hours at the 300+ level.

All of your degree requirements can be viewed in myUKGPS.

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