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How to Register:

Current UK students:

Current UK students should first meet with their advisor to discuss degree plans and options.  If you are currently enrolled, you should priority register during your assigned three-day window, as displayed on your myUK: page.  Additional dates to add courses include the secondary registration windows and Add/Drop. For further information, please contact your advisor, or use the Registration Help Line: (859) 257-7173.

Non-UK students:

A goal of the University of Kentucky is to provide appropriate access to academic courses for students desiring to continue their education without seeking a degree. Nondegree status affords an opportunity for individuals to pursue lifelong learning without the structure of degree-seeking status. Most nondegree students are considered "Lifelong Learners" and include the following groups: Donovan Scholars, students who have already earned degrees, and non-traditional students who wish to begin their studies as nondegree students in order to be considered for degree-seeking status later. Other students eligible to enter the University in a nondegree status include visiting students from other colleges and universities and high school students of exceptional ability.

For further information on application deadlines, fees, and registration, please visit the UK Undergraduate Admissions website.

How to Withdraw from Classes:

For information on how to withdraw from your classes, please see

Additional Information:

For further information about enrolling in online courses at UK, please visit the UK Teaching and Academic Support Center, Distance Learning Programs site.